was founded in 2000 by Loris Petrillo, artistic director and choreographer.
The Company was produced by Teatro Comunale di Modena, by MDA Produzioni Danza and by Twain CPD, obtaining for its productions the support and the collaboration of Theatres and Festivals like: Festival OrizzontiVerticali/Fondazione FabbricaEuropa, Teatri di Pietra, Scenario Pubblico - Centro Nazionale Produzione Danza, Teatro Vascello (Rome), Teatro Cantiere Florida (Florence), Teatro Libero (Palermo).
It has had its residency at Centro d’Arte e Cultura of the City of Ladispoli (Rome), at Scenario Pubblico/Centro Nazionale di Produzione della Danza.

was founded in 2000 by Loris Petrillo, artistic director and choreographer.
The Company was produced by Teatro Comunale di Modena, by MDA Produzioni Danza and by Twain CPD.
It has had its residency at Centro d’Arte e Cultura of the City of Ladispoli (Rome), at Scenario Pubblico/Centro Nazionale di Produzione della Danza.

In addition to the Company’s permanent members, numerous other dancers join the core group from time to time, according to the various projects. 

The choreographic language with which Loris Petrillo creates the Company’s vast repertory is clearly the result of his own personal path, contaminated by different artistic languages ranging from Capoeira to Northern European physical theatre, alongside a research program determined by the physicality and personality of each of his dancers. Emerging from this mixture is a Company characterized by a strong physical, expressive, as well as technical, impact and whose repertory deals with themes and topics that are always politically, culturally and socially aware.

With this in mind, we wish to cite: Powder (2018), a consciousness-raising of the inconsistency of the human life, Don Quijote (2015), an ode to resistance and a symbolic journey in the depths of life, Van Gogh (2013) a strongly expressive choreographic work born from a clinic analysis about the supposed madness of the artist, 1+1=1, an experimental investigation about the relation sound/movement/mathematics, M.Carnedellamiacarne (2010), a journey through the female mind, La pelle del popolo nudo (2008), a re-evocation of Sicily after World War II, Il cece nel secchio (2006) dealing with the true identity of madness; Spostamento obbligato (2005) an attentive reflection upon the emigration problems of populations; Bobby Sands (2004) a denunciation of the condition of political prisoners in Ireland; Il tango della depressione (2003) an ironic portrayal of matrimonial troubles; Il Racconto della Sposa (2003) about the female social condition.



One of the leading dancer and performer of the Italian dance, Yoris Petrillo has studied contemporary dance and theatre with Loris Petrillo, Loredana Parrella, Peter Jasko, Anton Lacky, Lali Ayguade Farro, Edivaldo Ernesto, Roberta Nicolai, Peppe Barile, Massimiliano Civica.
From 2009 he works as a dancer for Cie Twain, Compagnia Petrillo Danza, Compagnia Hunt,  Società della Musica e del Teatro Primo Riccitelli, Musica e Arte, Margine Operativo, Cantieri Culturali Creativi, Hinterland dance theatre, Zerogrammi Dance Theatre. He dances in theatres and festival in Italy and abroad (Germany, Serbia, UK, Montenegro, Cipro, USA).
In 2013 he is assistant director for the opera “Olympia.2000” production Teatro Comunale di Modena and in November 2015 he is assistant choreographer for “Bolero” by Loris Petrillo, production Opus Ballet.
In 2017 he works as a dancer for the new project Powder by Loris Petrill, Kunikuli by Gabriella Maiorino, and is a co-author of Elogio della Follia_Hairesis Vol.1 with A.Memetaj and T.Panici.

yoris petrillo

He began his training dancing hip-hop and break dance after have followed several workshops led by Tiziano Vecchi, Claudia Taloni, Alice Cimoroni. He graduated from the MC Hip Hop School of Latina with Marisa Ragazzo and Omid Ighani, then he refined his studies of contemporary dance, entering the Opus Ballet Choreographic Centre of Florence and with masterclasses led by Roberto Zappalà, Roser Lopez Espinoza, Rakesh Sukesh, Sharon Fridman, Claire Lamothe, Ivan Perez.
From 2015 he dances for the choreographers Loris Petrillo, Samuele Cardini, Gustavo De Oliviera, Angela Placanica and Elisa Pagani for Compagnia DNA in Bologna and Compagnia Opus Ballet in Florence, and works with Cie Twain.
In 2018 he joins Compagnia Petrillo Danza for the production Powder.

marco pergallini

He studied contemporary dance at Opus Ballet in Florence, with Max Barachini, Giusi Santagati, German Jauregui, Corinne Lanselle and Loris Petrillo. He has danced for Compagnia Opus Ballet, dancing choreographies by Loris Petrillo, Alessia Gatta, Peter Mika, German Jauregui. In 2014 he worked as a freelance with Compagnia Virgilio Sieni, took part at Biennale di Venezia for the labs and the final performances with David Zambrano, and at Festival Oriente Occidente with choreographies of Sharon Fridman. Subsequently, he moved to London where joined Joe Lott Dance Company and took part in the performance “Are we dancing?” by Shelly Owen. After his return to Italy, he continues to work with Opus Ballet and Compagnia Francesca Selva. From 2016 he dances with Cie Twain.
In 2017 he joins Compagnia Petrillo Danza for the productions “Don Quijote” and “Powder”.

luca zanni

He studied in acting school “Fondamenta” in Rome, improving his skills with Letizia Russo and Franco Visioli
and in the Ecole des maitres – European advanced level program with Tiago Rodrigues. He works in films like Brutti e cattivi by C. Gomez, Sulla mia pelle by A. Cremonini, Karim by F. Alotto, playing the role of co-star.
He works at the theatre with Francesco Polizzi, Giancarlo Sammartano, Francesco Giuffrè , Cristiano Vaccaro, Ilaria Manocchio, Andrea Dellai, Pako Graziani, Riccardo Rombi, Tiziano Panici, Loredana Parrella, Ciro
Director and author of dramatic texts, as well as playwright, in 2015 he starts his authorial career, with
Albania casa mia, for which he received prices at Festival Fratelli Cervi 2016, Bando Avanguardie, La Voce
Giovanile 2016, Selezione Inscena 2017 – New York Italian Theatre Festival. In 2018 is the author of Elogio
della Follia #ilikedopamina, in 2019 of ACHAB – All Chihuahuas Are Bastards.
In 2020 he joins Compagnia Petrillo Danza as an actor for the production Powder.

Aleksandros Memetaj actor Compagnia Petrillo Danza



Ugnė Kavaliauskaitė
Ugnė Kavaliauskaitė - stageur Compagnia Petrillo Danza
Beatričė Zaveckaitė
Beatričė Zaveckaite - stageur Compagnia petrillo Danza
Federica Tocci
Marco Cirignotta
Romano Vellucci
Guia Meucci
Guia Meucci - stageur Compagnia Petrillo Danza

Interpreters who collaborated with Compagnia Petrillo Danza

Nicola Cisternino Massimiliano Burini Pino Basile Adrien Ursulet Maria Stella Pitarresi
Adriano Coletta Rosa Merlino Paula Romero Raga Giuseppe Muscarello Bastien Cambon
Sara Sguotti Marco Purcaro Samantha Franchini Pasquale Greco Giacomo Milli
Gaetano Badalamenti Lorenzo Schiavo Sabrina Vicari Giacomo Severini Anna Basti
Valentina Attanasio A. Astudillo Cordova Lisa Marini
Massimiliano Burini Pino Basile
Adrien Ursulet Giuseppe Muscarello
Adriano Coletta Rosa Merlino
Bastien Cambon Gaetano Badalamenti
Samantha Franchini Marco Purcaro
Giacomo Milli Lisa Marini
Pasquale Greco Lorenzo Schiavo
Sabrina Vicari Giacomo Severini
Valentina Attanasio Anna Basti
A. Astudillo Cordova
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