summer dance outdoor workshop

su.Da.out is the workshop for dancers, actors, performers and circus performers based on the outdoor physical training.

It is designed to take mainly place in the suggestive settings, giving participants the chance to explore their own limits thanks to the direct comparison with natural obstacles provided by the surrounding.
The intensive and constructive workshop develops against the key-points of the deepening of the methodology elaborated by Loris Petrillo, who will be flanked by two collaborators: Vanessa Altini and Yoris Petrillo.

The outdoor physical training requires and at the same time develops a significant athletic preparation, which allows dancers to acquire quick reflexes, focus on target and physical stamina, qualities which they will be able to bring in their physical performance.

The physical training takes place partly indoor in order to do a complementary work testing what learned outdoor and taking it back in dance.
The workshop will open up to sensory pathways that will examine the specific-site, where the body rediscovers and develops its own perceptive ability, through which dancers can establish a connection with their own inner dimension.

su.Da.out takes place in a relaxed context where the leitmotifs are exploration and fun.

How to access

The workshop is for a limited number of participants.
To apply, please send your cv and a short video to
Those who have already attended a workshop with Loris Petrillo do not have to send video and cv.



For more information write to:
or call
+39 348 864 9889 Giovanna

su.Da.out is an exclusive project by Loris Petrillo, organized and promoted by Twain Centro di Produzione Danza

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